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3.10.3 Dashboard rules and best practices


You must follow these rules when creating or editing a dashboard:

  • Before creating a dashboard, deploy the application. Otherwise the field-selection menus in the dashboard property dialogs will be empty.

  • Create the dashboard in the same namespace as the application.

  • Include the namespace in query names (for example, MyWorkspace.q1).

  • End SELECT statements with a semicolon.

We also recommend these best practices:

  • Before creating a visualization, create any drill-down pages it will link to, so you will be able to select the drill-down page(s) in the visualization properties.

  • If the dashboard UI gets too much data it may become unresponsive, so write your SELECT statements to minimize the amount of data sent to the visualization. For example, for a bar chart showing totals by state, select sum(Count) as Count, State from Samples.MerchantActivity group by State; will send the visualization only one pair of Count and State values for each of the 50 states.

  • If there are multiple applications in the same namespace, start the query name with the application name (for example, Samples.MyAppMyQuery), unless the query is shared by multiple apps.

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